Elexele brand and products

A unique online jewelry store, Elexele cares of each and every image it creates. A brand with more than 20 thousand regular customers, Elexele takes pride in its highly customized shopping services featuring individual approach and fair trade standards. More about us here.

Far off destination, February 2012, Valentine’s Day and the urge to pick a worthy gift to propose. That’s where Elexele’s story began more about us Rooted in customer’s experience, brands pricing policy aimed at affordability for all. Elexel makes it possible to build irreversibly elegant timeless image regardless of budget or season of the year. Let your personality shine through the maze of holidays.

The vast assortment of decent jewelry pieces is great pride of Elexele. We gladly serve both genders, people from different backgrounds and diverse financial abilities. In general, there are five main categories you may browse – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. The number of products and prices may change, however, depending to whom it relates, and the type of the metal used for.

There are several ways to reach out to us. You may email at support@elexele.com, chat via Live Chat, or call us at ____________ in case any help is needed. Choose whatever suits you best.

As a relatively small jewelry brand, reputation and customer satisfaction is everything to us. As such, buyers’ privacy, including payment security and high reliability rating are at the core of our mission. For this reason, we make sure each customer has a secure payment gateway on the very first buy.

Placing and order

Technical issues are relatively uncommon at Elexele due to the tireless work of highly skilled technicians and IT specialists. However, if the need arises you may still connect to a customer service department to report such. We do ask though that you check your data entered as well as the browser settings before contacting us at support@elexele.com.

During peak periods, it is possible to place an order for a product which may have gone out of stock. In such cases, Elexele reserves the right to cancel refund your order, or allow you to choose an alternative item at 10% off its price if the payment has been made and approved by the system.  In situations when the right size is unavailable, and the bill has been paid already, we will notify you via email and issue a full refund per request if no alternative item is found.

When choosing an item, you may add it to cart and browse for your next items as many as you wish to buy. Your final billing sum will show you all the items selected and the total sum of your purchase. This option saves you time as there is no need to enter billing details multiple times.

The first thing to do is to check whether you have the right internet connection, or if everything is alright with your browser settings. Next, check if you applied Filter on our website. Choosing it you then need to press Filter Selected button, and the right products will appear on the page. You may also try to use the site search to locate the right product.

We all have similar difficulties from time to time given many facets of choosing a perfect gift. And we do offer a customized advice regarding specifics of the gift you wish to buy at no additional cost for you. Feel free to file the contact form on the Contract Us page, email at support@elexele.com, or chat via Live Chat.

We put an effort to process all the orders within a five working days frame. However, because of various geographical locations of customers, and due to some regional differences in the banking system, approving your order and payment may take up to 5 working days.

Billing and payment

Before putting a price on a particular piece we carefully determine the financial abilities of intended buyers making sure the product is affordable. Taking affordability of the products seriously, Elexele grants its customers a pleasant bonus in the form of FREE shipping services.

Yes, as is stated in our Terms and Agreement, Elexele reserves the right to change pricing at its sole discretion due to a fluctuation in the prices of precious metals or gems, or unusual expenses experienced throughout the process.

The acceptable payment methods for purchasing a product include all basic credit/debit cards, as well as transactions made via PayPal. When entering your billing details, you need to select the payment method you wish to use. Stick with the one you feel most comfortable with.

As a relatively small jewelry brand, our customers’ satisfaction and their loyalty to our products means a world to us. Thus, security and confidentiality of the payment process is taken seriously by us. To guarantee each customer privacy all operations are made under the industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged with our site server. The transactions are done via secure payment portal gateway, and the tracking number is set for each particular order.

To further improve shopping experience, we do not require to set up individual accounts eliminating lengthy registration process. To place an order with us you will only need to provide your billing information and address to ensure frauds detection. All the site visitors however are advised to sign in for Elexele newsletter to stay tuned with new arrivals and products on sale.

After you’ve selected the items to buy you may View Cart and ultimately hit Checkout. When filling all the necessary billing details you will be entitled to choose between credit/debit card and PayPal. Next, is to place your credit/debit card/PayPal details, and you are done.

In general, no. You are strongly advised to check the correctness of the billing address provided to make sure no mistakes occurred. However, we do understand that human factor exists, and suggest you report us in any case AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You may do so by emailing us at support@elexele.com.

Sure. The customers may use international cards and place an international billing address outside the United States provided the legality of such action. We certainly understand that people living outside the US are also in need of our services and we do not want to create a hindrance in this respect.

Delivery, returns and refunds

The Elexele services are available to anyone regardless of geographical location, or the number of products ordered unless there are specific transnational trade limitations at the time of delivery. So feel free to shop with us.

The shipping options include both Standard Delivery (free of charge) and Courier Delivery (paid service). It is advisable to place the order well before you plan to wear it, or present to somebody if the shipping cost is an issue. In cases when there is a rather limited time for order recipient you may use our Courier Delivery at an additional expense from your side

Again, as was mentioned above due to time limitations, and because of inability to wait for the standard shipping time, a customer may order Courier Delivery of the product. Please note, this delivery method is performed at an additional cost from your side.

A highly effective Customized Tracking System is ready to serve you. As soon as we process your order (typically within 5 working days), it will be assigned a specific number so that you can have access to tracking records whenever you wish to look into it. Your will find that specific number in the ORDER SHIPPED email you receive from us right after the order was processed. Just have this number at hand when you visit Track Your Order page. You may track it as long and as much as you wish.

Since best shopping experience is Elexele priority, we make every effort to deliver the product within 3 business weeks around the world. Yet, few cases can experience a delay due to circumstances beyond our control – postal issues, national holidays, etc. Also, because of global reach, and due to some regional differences in the banking system, approving your order and payment may take up to 5 working days.

Placing an order with Elexele entitles you for FREE delivery worldwide unless you wish to enjoy Courier Delivery, which is a paid service. Fees for Courier change in accordance with the mailing distance and standard Courier fees apply.

All the products you receive from Elexele come in small card boxes. Initially placed in tiny plastic bags, or placed in air bags, products then put into special boxes. The rest of the package comprised of usual mailing packaging, including the envelope.

Each piece of Elexele is made to order, therefore we cannot offer a refund on a piece unless it is found to be faulty. In certain cases, we may be able to offer an exchange for another piece. Upon receipt of items, the PayPal account, credit or debit card originally used for the purchase will be credited with the cost of the goods minus the delivery charges in case of Courier Delivery (exceptions may apply).

We will process your refund within the 2 business days of refund/exchange approval. Meanwhile, be aware that your credit card company may take up to 30 working days to credit your account.

If you received an item that is defective, damaged or not what you ordered, please contact us here within the first 24 hours of delivery. We will help you resolve any issues as quickly as possible.